Echizenkoku Jinruku Saku 越前國甚六作

Who is Jinroku?

The craftsman of “Echizenkoku Jinruku Saku”, Mr Masayuki Hasegawa, he inherited the name of his father “Jinruku” who was also famed as in eyeglasses craftsman in Sabae.

Born in year 1952 at Echizen City of Fukui Prefecture, He strived toward the way of eyeglasses craftsman through years of apprenticeship 50 years of his experiences result in the beautiful form of finishing. He works on various styles of eyeglasses and been striving for higher level as one of the best craftsman in Sabae.

What is the difference?

He makes the most of the characteristics of celluloid material, and combines it with traditional production methods. Such as temple without a metal core, as known as “no core”, and seven barrel hinges.

Celluloid needs to dry up for years to make it harden as to prevent from deforming elaborate polishing gives lustrous glow of the celluloid itself.

The Frame made by Jinroku is durable yet elegant. It’s the beautiful combinations of skilled craftsmanship.