The Founder

Everyone has a DREAM.

I am thankful that on October 30th 2014, my dream came true. 

Iconic Lab, a Japanese handmade eyewear store specially catered for Asians, was officially born. The start of this journey began in Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur. Iconic stands for uniqueness, and the persistence in pursuit of beauty and quality.


Listen to Your Inner Voice and Follow Your HEART. 

The same field, the same industry, came to it’s 15th year in just a blink of an eye. The enthusiasm is ever burning, with a great sense of mission every day, to make every detail better, and to help every friend to“wear to impress”. 

I believe that everyone’s facial outline and it’s class is more ever unique in it’s own way. 

At Iconic Lab, based on every customer’s facial shape, hair colour, skin tone, work industry, personality etc, we will provide our professional ideas and explanations, while listening carefully to their inner needs, then consider every factor to select the most suitable frame for them. 

Through a pair of RIGHT glasses, not only can you improve your personal image, but also bring out your uniqueness and “sense of taste” that will gradually make you irresistible. 

Live with No Regrets. 

In my life, I’ve decided to dedicate myself to bring the message of “wear to impress” to different corners of the world. 

In order for those who have a high sense of demand in life, a sense of taste in dressing, along with people who pursue a quality life to get to know one another. 

When everyone who speaks the same language in life, that’s what I call “a mutual sense”.