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It’s always the first impression impact that would path the way for an everlasting good impression.

In search for the “Wow Factor”, it is never easy, however as a believer of “Nothing is Impossible”.

Therefore for the next few minutes, through this article, let us share the experience of what others have done to give themselves that edge. Curious to know about the secret? Let’s begin!

Dress according to the Event with the right attire, the accessories can’t seem to suit your attire?

For occasions like this, bursting out the expensive “Work of Art” that has been kept in storage for ages, longing and waiting just for that special occasion to put “Dress To Impress” into action, is indeed something each of us individuals would do.

But here’s the Big Question, the fine attire along with the accessories, would that be sufficient to create a “Wow Factor” impact for you to be remembered? And is that arguably the right accessory for your attire?

Attending occasions gradually has become part of our routine in life. May it be, wedding functions, anniversary, reunion, family gatherings and etc, little do we realize, we would take the effort, time, and even spending money just on dressing up in return to hope for a impression that would last. But do you feel that you have achieved that purpose? Or has it gone horribly bad?

We all are guilty in investing substantially trying to create that impressive look, but have you ever noticed that there’s “One Thing”, which could project your image even more significantly? Take a minute, look in the mirror, think of what can make you look even more stunning? Still can’t find the answer?

That’s right, that one thing is “The RIGHT glasses for your Eyes”!

Eye contact is way more intimate than words will ever be.

Eye contact is the first step towards establishing a bond between two individuals. Even from a stranger, due to the strong projection that attracts two individuals, it creates a positive impression in first contact. Mainly from that spark, good impression is created. It is not rocket science to understand how relationships and communication with strangers could connect harmoniously.

Wouldn’t you agree that this should also be your “greatest law of attraction”
by any means?

If your curiosity is intensified by now, and your motivation grows even stronger, keep the adrenaline, for you will uncover the secret that could uplift your vital competitive edge by many folds.

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.

You must envision your world through the eyes of positivity and possibility. The moment you do that, you open up a world of endless abundance.

a. A simple action of learning, discovering, and mastering the way you dress yourself, to enhance your personality, and to reveal your true nature, wouldn’t that make an impactful statement?

b. And this change eventually will lead to forging even better relationship with more individuals, wouldn’t that make an achievement?

c. By experiencing of the enhancement, which would draw the self confidence out from an average you, wouldn’t that redefine meaning towards the law of attraction?

d. When the different you, the new found you, stands out, wouldn’t that make an impactful yet everlasting impression that would lead to boundless opportunities?

Eyes are captivatingly beautiful. Being a window of the soul, the eye, is a catching features that is sculptured in a way to reveal the lines and curves of your facial features.

It let’s your personality radiate, and uncover your personality. And often the eyes are created to elevate your sophistication. Therefore to UNLOCK the hidden charm in you, the RIGHT suitable glasses is the KEY.

If till this point of reading all your answer to the above question is leading you to say:

“Yes, I would like to make that change to enhance and unlocking my hidden features”

Congratulations! For we share the same interest in enhancing ourselves.

The big Million Dollar question that would keep every living being at their toes, “What makes an individual personality that outstanding?”

To stand out among your peers, to excel in your domain and to establish the prominence for yourself, these are what motivate individuals to infuse charisma in their personality.

Seeing the opportunity is meaningless if one does not seize it. For opportunity would open up doors that would lead to countless potential that you could not imagine.

Discover the true meaning of “Wear to Impress”, to make the transformation of your life.

1. What and who is Iconic Lab? Are we just an ordinary optical shop?

Who we are, we are a group of individuals that believe in style matters, and we believe in providing help to customers in Enhancing their physical features, Magnifying their uniqueness, and bringing out an Everlasting Impression from the essence of our handmade master piece.

2. What is Japanese Handmade Eyewear? Is it worth the price tag? Why is it being called a “Masterpiece?”

When it is created with at least 70% of its processes sculptured by hand of a craftsman, it then, has earned itself a place to be called handmade eyewear. When one learns about the immeasurable human emotion being place in every piece, and the rich history behind every pair, and every pair speaks of the heart, sweat and tears of the craftsman. That is how we recognize this as a Masterpiece.

We often establish a connection with items that has a value to us. But is the bond being establish because of its price tag? Like human to human, a bond would be established based on the characteristic, rather than based on how much value of a person could bring. On this term, every pair made has its own distinctive signature that will stand against the test of time and still stand out among the ordinary.

It will remain as an “art piece” that is worth collecting. Especially every piece of the handmade eyewear would only be available once and in low quantity numbers. In due to this, we would learn how to appreciate handmade eyewear even more. For it will always have the “ever green” essence on each piece.

3. Why Iconic Lab then?

As our believe states, every customer is unique. What complements one may not be the same for another. We listen to your desire, we would understand your style and from there we would provide you the opinion based on what could draw the “inner you” out to the surface.

We as Iconic Lab is about knowing beyond what you knew, discovering what you can be and making you mesmerized of what you could become. To each and every customer whom had stepped foot in our store, we cherish the moments we shared, and the times we helped you discovered yourself.

From this day onwards, we hope to carry our mission of helping you to discover the true meaning of “Wear to Impress”, and able to making your life “Iconic”.