Our Passion, Our Committment

Our bond with our customer does not end at the transaction, our after sales service is always available to customers who require assistance from cleaning to repair. Our commitment to our customers begins the moment they walk into our store and we stay committed to assist them whenever they need one. Handwriting testimonials of our customers on the Wall of Pride speak of their joy and satisfaction, which vindicate our knowledge, experience, passion, and commitment.

Our enthusiasm towards handcrafted glasses have taught us the rich histories behind the brands that we offer in our store. From the process to the artisan, it demands not only excellence in craftsmanship, but also the demand on attitude and social consciousness. These are the few countless profound principles that we at Iconic Lab would stand firm on.  

We will continue to make Iconic Lab not just an eyewear shop, but a place where we could feel pure joy and contentment. Our sincerest gratitude to all of our customers on the endless support and timeless faith in us. - Iconic Lab

Your Joy . Our Pride