Lets Glasses Speak on Behalf of You

Founded in 2014, Iconic Lab has  established itself as a the unique optical shop with sole focus on offering premium quality handmade glasses brought in from various countries.

Committed to help our customers in finding the best matching pair, we will travel through the journey with our customers to discover and to experience the different shapes and sizes. Equally important, we would also pair it with the right lenses selected from the range offered in our store.

At Iconic Lab, we believe that handmade glasses will make any individual stands out among the rest and it is our aim to match our customers with the pair that is rightfully theirs. Eyewear is more than just aiding our vision, it is about unveiling the hidden individuality of the wearer.

Our mission is to assist everyone to experience the real happiness and to appreciate the value when wearing a pair of right glasses. You will suddenly realise the confidence level improves, closed door opens and goals achieved. - Iconic Lab