THE tradition

Craftsmanship - Your Ultimate Legacy

The traditional way of creating eyewear involves a great deal of human touches with in-depth experience and knowledge of artisans. 

Each pair of eyewear undergoes a lengthy yet meticulous process that demands not only exceptional quality of raw material but also remarkable craftsmanship.

With the use of traditional hand tools, artisans would create a pair of eyewear out of a piece of raw material with utmost love, greatest respect, and extreme meticulousness.

Quality isn’t expensive, it’s PRICELESS.

The Beauty of Each Masterpiece

A great testimonial of how artisans spend endless years of learning and timeless effort of refinement to produce a piece that they would call a work of art.

Every owner would be proud to know that they are wearing a pair of glasses that has its own origin and history.

Given its distinct values in all aspects, handcrafted eyewear will be the choice of individuals who seek for uniqueness that will complement them and at the same time, creating a lifelong pride wearing an item produced with superior quality.

Handcrafted glasses at times can be minimal in design but never fall short in impressive details. 

Simple can be harder than complex.