Nakanishi optic was founded since 1928. It was founded in Nakashima-Cho, Fukuoka City, currently known as Nakashima-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City.

Since 1928, NAKANISHI has enrooted its name in the eyewear industry as of the most thriving multi-generational family businesses in Japan’s handmade optical industy. Focusing its core business in the artistry of handmade eyeglasses since 1920s, NAKANISHI has been one of the pioneers in eyewear business in Fukuoka, Japan.

The Nakanishi family has also grown its heritage and legacy as a highly respected family in the eyewear industry across the country. First generation, Nakanishi Takeo began learning his craft at the age of 12 from a master craftsman in Kyoto, where he was originally from. After more than a decade of perfecting his skills and artistry, he moved to Fukuoka, started a family and began making eyeglasses to support his family of six children.

Working from a makeshift garage in his home, he honed and crafted some of the most iconic eyeglass pieces made using pure gold, artificial gold (Goukin) and the king of metal known as Yohaku. Takeo then founded the first NAKANISHI shop in Hakata, Nakashima town in Fukuoka selling handmade eyepieces that he himself handcrafted.

In those days, learning the arts of eyeframe making was a very complicated task that required a great deal of attention, perseverance, patience and dedication. The level of precision that went into the processes in the golden days was beyond compare. Takeo was one of the earliest craftsmen in Japan and the only handmade eyewear craftsman in Fukuoka city.