AKIRA&SONS is a second generation family business inherited more than 10 years. With a concept based not just in making the glasses light or soft, but rather having a balance skeleton structure. To enable to achieve the ideal balance, fitting technology cannot be neglected. A believe the glasses
“Click” in our hands when they fit snugly. The optician business, which requires optometry and fitting skills, was once known as “half-medicine and half business.” AKIRA&SONS went back to this origin and aimed for eyeglasses that would ring our arms.

With a minimal design with no decoration, slender temples, adjustable nose pad, the frames are made from scratch that would meet the “Click” concept. Speaking of the frame, one of the highlights is the thick hinges and the tip cells. The former gives strength to the most loaded areas, and the latter keeps the balance of the center of gravity optimal. In Sabae, Fukui is the main production center of eyeglasses that is Japan is proud of. Classic specs such as five hinges and sun platinum caulking, and the outline of flat are areas that are only allowed to craftsmen who have inherited the tradition.

Celluloid was the material that AKIRA&SONS uses, as a tribute to the craftsmanship of yesteryear. Celluloid is an artificial resin that was born in 1856 and was first obtained by humankind. It is much more durable than acetate, which is popular in modern eyeglasses.

AKIRA&SONS has revolutionist narrow squares, wellingtons and crown punts to pass on this material to the next generation.